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Our goal is to to make family homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring.



On any given day in Cincinnati, the Family Housing Partnership shelters approximately 90 families with children in four emergency shelters.

The Family Housing Partnership is comprised of four agencies: Bethany House Services, Found House Interfaith Housing Network, The Salvation Army, and YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.


Strategies to End Homelessness leads the coordinated community effort with the goal of ending homelessness in Greater Cincinnati. We work in partnership with 30

non-profit organizations to coordinate a centralized emergency shelter hotline, homelessness prevention, street outreach, emergency shelter and provide housing solutions.

Family shelter capacity limits the number of children and parents able to be served. Approximately 60% of the families who call the Central Access Point Helpline for help are turned away, due to lack of funding. So we turn to the community and local foundations for support.

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